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Scrumpers Delight

A community mapping project to share the joys of scrumping by identifying street fruit trees. Why go without when there is plenty of fruit hanging over the streets. Do the community a favour at the same time and keep the streets clean!

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What is Scrumping?

Scrumping is an old word that used to mean stealing fruit, especially apples, from an orchard. But these days it means to collect fruit from trees that is in public spaces.

How, where and when to Scrump?

All you need to scrump is to head outside and keep your eyes peeled for trees in public places that have fruit on them. The best time to scrump is in the warmer months when more plants are likely to have fruit on them.

The map at Scrumpers Delight can help you get started as other people have put trees they have already found onto the map. If you find a new tree, just share the joy by signing and adding it to the map.

Why Scrump?

Scrumping is good for you, the community and the environment! By scrumping you:

  1. Get some exercise
  2. Eat some fresh food
  3. Have fun keeping the street clean
  4. Are more likely to meet your neighbours
  5. Reduce the costs due to agribusiness

If you like scrumping why not:

  1. Grow some food in your backyard
  2. Get together and start a community garden
  3. Ask your local council to plant edible streetscapes

Let everyone know!

The more people putting plants on the map, the more useful it will be, so let all your friends know!

How did Scrumper's Delight start?

Way back before Google was the force it was now, I read about scrumping in an Earth Garden type magazine. I thought "that's cool" and went walking around my suburb to see what I could find. I was pleasantly suprised to find a lot of food just outside my door... all going wanting. I put it all down on a paper map, thinking that I'd use it to come back to the following year.

I was really hoping to get others in on the act, but being paper-based it was pretty clumsy.

Then along comes Google Maps and I realise that this would be a great way to share the information and get people involved in a really easy way.



The map is for information purposes only. Be respectful... do not do anything illegal such as trespass on other people's property.

Take me to the Scrumpers Delight map

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